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Relationship Systems Coaching

Most training in organizations offers skills in working with the individual employee. In current training and development for working with groups and teams, the focus is still on individual performance within the group. However, the new paradigm of Relationship Systems Coaching develops managers and employees in a systems-based approach. We work with the system or group directly rather than focusing on the individuals within the group.

Relationship Systems Coaching is a groundbreaking model for coaching teams and groups in organizations. We see the system as a unique entity which has characteristics beyond the sum of the individuals within it. The talent, knowledge, and skill needed to meet organizational challenges are in the company now. We use leading-edge skills to work with relationships in a way that creates new connections not seen before and allows the teams to align more deeply with organizational objectives and the team itself.

Team participants emerge with immediately applicable tools and skills that have powerful impact on the ability of a team or work group to be aligned, congruent, and high-functioning.

The Systems View of Team Building

Most team coaching views the team as a collection of individuals. The focus is on the individual in relationship to the team. Relationship Systems Coaching focuses on the team, The System, to create more insight into how to work more effectively as a team.