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360° Feedback Interviews

Managers in small to mid-size businesses often don’t receive enough feedback from their coworkers about how their business behaviors and management style impact the group. A confidential 360° interview process helps managers see how others see them. The process works well for individuals or for assessing the whole management team.

    Here’s how it works:
  • Manager and coach agree on the focus of the feedback desired and the interview questions to be used
  • Coach conducts interviews (usually 7-8) with the boss, peers, and direct reports. Customers or vendors could also be added
  • Coach writes a confidential feedback report
  • Manager and coach meet to discuss the feedback report. Goals and strategies for desired behavior/style changes are established

"The Positive Side of Performance Reviews"

By Toddi Gutner, as seen on MSN – www.BusinessOnMain.msn.com

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